Interim, Virtual Youth Pastor

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Finding it hard to hire a youth pastor but your students need on ongoing ministry, now? Your youth ministry would benefit from virtual youth pastor. 

The struggle is real

Churches without a youth pastor often lack the volunteer leadership to sustain, let alone grow, their youth ministry. Without a leadership figure, youth groups tend to wander aimlessly and students start to eyeball the church down the street to get their needs met. This doesn't have to be the case. 

During this interim phase, your youth ministry can benefit from an experienced youth ministry professional to bring confidence, training and hope until you find the person to fill your full time role. 

What is a virtual youth pastor?

A virtual youth pastor acts just like an "in person" youth pastor. Virtual youth pastor's are a leadership figure that fills the gap of apprehension and uncertainty and gives your group leadership and confidence that someone is at the helm, steering. 

Is a virtual youth pastor a replacement for an in-person youth pastor? 

No. A full time, in person youth pastor is the optimum for your youth ministry. Students need the in person, one on one relationships of an in-person youth pastor. 

What does a virtual youth pastor offer? 

A virtual youth pastor offers basic services that gives your your ministry continuity.

  •  A weekly online service or bible study

  • A monthly leadership meeting for students who want to be leaders.

  •  A monthly leadership meeting for adults who will lead students. 

  • A monthly leadership meeting for parents who have questions or want to know who is    leading their children during this interim time.

  •  A monthly call with the Pastor to let them know the progress that is being made and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

  • Students and adult leadership have access via text or call to talk or pray. 

What safety precautions are taken? 

  • Submission for background check.

  • Names, dates and times are recorded for each meeting along with a recap. 

How much does a virtual youth pastor cost?

An average salary of a part-time, 20 hours a week, youth pastor is $250 a week. 

Monthly, this would work out to $1,000

Quarterly, three months, $3,000

How do I pay?

There are two options to pay, monthly and quarterly (every three months) If you believe you'll fill your position quickly, choose the month to month option. If you believe it will take longer, choose the quarterly option.

What if we hire a youth pastor during the three month (quarterly) option? 

Because of the commitment to extended planning, specifically for your ministry, the work is already done so no refund can be offered. 

  • You'll receive an experienced, trusted, short term youth pastor to faithfully serve your students.

  • You'll receive an experienced, trusted, short term youth pastor to faithfully serve your students.
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Interim, Virtual Youth Pastor

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