My Youth Ministry Monthly

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Every month you'll receive youth ministry related resources like

  • bible studies
  • forms
  • worksheets
  • small group lessons
  • audio devotions
  • graphics
  • videos
  • articles

Disciple Project Ministry Staples

  • My Youth Ministry Playbook
  • My Youth Meeting Playbook

Lesson Starters

  • 3 Week Series Head Games
  • 2 week Series What Kind of Friends Do You Have ?

Coming Soon

My Student Leadership Playbook

My Youth Camp Playbook

And much more!

So, if you've been waiting for someone to come along side of you to equip you and encourage you, that day has come with My Youth Ministry Monthly.

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Monthly youth ministry resources

Monthly Coaching
My YM Playbook
My Meeting Playbook
Monthly Lessons
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$220 a year

My Youth Ministry Monthly

0 ratings