Adventus: 28 Days of Advent Devotions and Graphics

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Adventus is my newest resource geared around Advent. Advent is, if you do not know, Advent meansĀ 'Coming' in Latin. This is why I use the Latin word Adventus as the title. Advent is the coming of Jesus into the world. Christians use the four Sundays and weeks of Advent to prepare and remember the real meaning of Christmas

If your students deserve a Christmas present this year it's the gift of consistency. I know you want to be consistent with students online and off but life gets busy and I understand that; that's why I created Adventus, so you can have a consistent online presence during Advent.

If you're thinking, "I would love to engage with my students over 28 day" then this resource may be of interest to you, but I also know you may have some questions, so let me try to answer them.

Does my church or do I have to practice Advent for this to be valuable?

No. Even if you or your church to not adhere to Advent, 28 devotions and 28 graphics still says to your students, "I'm showing up every day for you".

Is the devotion too much for them?

Each devotion is bite sized and will take students a whole minute to read. There are questions and a prayer included. You can't control whether they read it, answer the questions or pray the prayer but it's there for them if they want to step from shallow immaturity to growing in their faith.

Do you say anything weird or controversial?

Nope, straight orthodoxy, scripture focused with a little fun tossed in.

If you've been hoping for a Christmas resource that is doctrinally solid, spiritually uplifting, Christ focused, bible based to use with students where the are, Adventus is all that.

So, what could happen in 28 day with Adventus?

  • You could remind teens what Christmas is about
  • You could find yourself in engaging conversations.
  • You could have students leaving feedback.
  • You could have kids thank you.
  • You could have students spiritually grow.

There are multiple ways to use this resource

  • What if you used the devotions to make a short video?
  • What if you printed off the devotions in book form and gave it to students?
  • What if you took just the devotions, questions prayers and texted them to your students?

This is just a taste of what you could do, I have more ideas listed in the resource itself.

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Adventus: 28 Days of Advent Devotions and Graphics

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